Data Recovery & Backup

Data Recovery2

Data Recovery & Backup

We’ve all done it – accidentally deleted files and some of us may have experienced even more horror at a hard-drive crash. You might have lost family photos, your music collection, and maybe your financial data. A virus or system crash can wipe out months or years of information. It could take a long time to reconfigure your computer settings and retrieving the data from a faulty hard drive. When the worst happens, MyTECHWIZ can help with our Data Recovery service if your hard drive spins up and make clicking/grinding noises and locks up your PC. MyTECHWIZ can help. If the hard drive spins up and crashes/freeze/restart and does not identify in the BIOS, MyTECHWIZ can help.
MyTECHWIZ uses a data recovery hardware called RapidSpar. RapidSpar is a top-notch recovery tool which gives us excellent turnaround time, and the cost for recovery is reasonable with and 85% data recovery success rate. RapidSpar is a fantastic tool. However, a little prevention can go a long way to avoiding this ordeal. We recommend that you take the precaution and schedule a regular backup of your data. The simplest method is to back up your files to a removable media, cloud storage, or a custom network location manually. You can also specify the files and settings that you want to back up and how often you want to perform a backup. If you need assistance, our technicians can help evaluate various backup, recovery, storage options, and choose the most viable and suitable solution for you. MyTECHWIZ also offers a cloud storage solution for backing up your data at a reasonable price.

Services include:

  • CD/DVD backup
  • IDE, SSD, and SATA drive backup and recovery
  • USB Flash drive backup, recovery & duplications
  • Cloud Storage setup and configurations
  • Cloud Management services
  • USB external hard drives backup & recovery
  • Hard Disk expansion
  • SD, mSATA and Micro SATA data recovery
  • PCIe SSDs, AHCI, and NVMe protocol data recovery
  • MacBook Air SSD (17+7 pins & 12+6 pins) data recovery
  • ZIF media, LIF media recovery
  • Compact Flash media recovery
  • System File Recovery
  • Digital Photo & Music recovery
  • Disk Cloning
  • Data Transfer for PC and Mac
  • RAID configurations
  • Network-attached storage (NAS) setup & configurations

If you need assistance with any of the services listed above you can give us a call @ 513-997-9097.

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