Operating System Installation

Operating System Installation

MyTECHWIZ will install your choice of the operating system onto your computer. Options include Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, OS X or Ubuntu. In addition to installing the operating system we will also do the following:

  • Install Operating System
  • Install latest Updates and Drivers
  • Hardware Diagnostic
  • Firmware Updates
  • Dust-off your computer including motherboard and fans
  • Check internal cabling and proper data transfers
  • Check memory size
  • Migrate data
  • Create user profiles
  • Protect your data from other users

We can install additional operating systems on a single computer and setup dual or multi-boot options at startup. Additional rates apply for additional operating systems.

Please note when upgrading from Windows 8/10, the hard drive must be formatted to perform a clean installation of Windows 11.  Unfortunately, this means that all documents, programs, favorites and all data will be deleted. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up all data before upgrading to a new operating system. MyTECHWIZ does offer a data backup and transfer service. Check with the MyTECHWIZ technician for more information. A free computer checks up will also be performed after the installation to verify Windows stability. Customer must provide needed operating disc and license key for installation.

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